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This company was established in 2001 by Derrick kinder. Derrick is an ex policeman. He served in the South African Police Service from 1991-1998 at Johannesburg Central Police Station. During his tenure he did Tactical Policing, Firearms Training, Use of Firearms and Legal Principles Training, Detective Courses and Community Service Centre Management.

His main fields of expertise are in Security Management, Risk Analysis and Investigations Derrick Kinder Group Security Services is a PSIRA accredited and BEE compliant South African company, based in Johannesburg, with its operations spread around Gauteng. Derrick Kinder Group Security Services has established its reputation and experience by offering security solutions to big players in the residential and commercial business sectors for the past 15 years.


To be acknowledged as the security service and security solutions provider of choice – for both our clients and staff.


We are committed to delivering cost effective, efficient, professional security, security solutions and maintenance services to our clients, with an emphasis on customer service.

Security Services


We can provide fully trained and qualified security personnel to accommodate your security needs. Our staff will protect your property, staff and visitors. We provide uniformed guards armed and unarmed, Grade A to D, for Corporate, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Government and Retail clientele.

Security Patrols

The main reasons for security patrols are:

  • To prevent fire, flood and damage to your property.
  • To prevent waste of your company's resources.
  • To prevent accidents.
  • To detect and prevent offences.

    Highly trained receptionists
    Our receptionists are trained to be courteous, efficient and effective, with the added dimension of being highly trained in all aspects of the security industry. All of our security receptionists have excellent communication and people skills which will assure your visitors that they are dealing with a competent and efficient
    company from the moment they enter your premises.

    Receptionist duties

    They will efficiently deal with your visitor’s requests, which can often involve tracing and contacting the member of staff your visitor is meeting.
    In addition to this they can also carry out the following duties.

  • Answer incoming calls or internal calls from your staff members.
  • Receive and pass on mail deliveries.
  • Assist in the preparation of meetings.
  • Assist visitors when leaving your premises, e.g. arrange taxis.
    For our Security Receptionists, as the title suggests, the security of your property and staff is paramount.

    Entrance security
    Our highly trained security operatives will ensure that any person attempting to gain access to your premises must have your permission and only be given access to permitted areas for a valid reason. All visitors will be required to sign the visitor's book and will not gain entry until a security pass is issued, complete with the
    time and name of your company members contact. They will also be signed out before they leave your premises.

    Our security receptionists also carry out additional security duties including:

  • Patrolling your premises to prevent or detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors, windows, and gates.
  • Answer alarms and investigate disturbances.
  • Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of your premises.
  • Contact the police or fire departments in cases of emergency.
  • Check alarm circuits and ensure the alarm system is functioning properly.
  • Operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas.
  • Monitor and adjust controls that regulate building systems, such as air conditioning, furnace, or boilers.
    Overall, our Security Receptionists provide a highly efficient service ensuring your company not only has a secure environment but the highest standard of customer care.

    Key holder services
    Another reason for companies to employ a trained and experienced keyholding service is the fact that more and more insurance companies are advocating the use of professional keyholder services to remove risks from personnel and as a stop-loss in emergencies. Traditionally, some organisations have delegated the task of key holding to one of their colleagues, but this raises serious issues.

  • Is reasonable to ask employees to respond to alarm activations late at night or at the weekend?
  • Is acting as a key holder part of their contract?
  • Have they been trained to a level which will allow them to safely and efficiently deal with the alarm problem?
  • Have you shown, as an employer, that everything has been done to protect your employee in these circumstances?

    Experienced key holding
    We have years of experience in dealing with every aspect of keyholding and alarm response situations. Our operatives are highly trained individuals who are capable of taking decisions using their own initiative to bring the incident to a safe and satisfactory conclusion

    Mobile Security Patrols

    Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective and visible deterrent when full-time security is not practical. Each security patrol contract is tailored to your requirements, from external security patrols, carried out by our mobile guards at random times, too complete internal security patrols. Their aim is to create the most visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers or opportunists and ensure peace of mind that all is secure.

    Mobile security guards
    Our uniformed mobile security guards can visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies and times. Our mobile guards can also carry out physical checks for damage or possible intruder breaches. In addition, we can provide mobile security roving patrols which can include a "walk and check" facility. We can also provide digital camera surveillance which may be used to enhance incident reports

    Patrol dogs

    The main question is not whether to use trained dogs and handlers for your safety, security, and protection needs – but how to ensure that the Security Service Provider of your choice can really provide professionally trained dogs and handlers for the task at hand. Many clients have burnt their fingers (and still are) because they chose the wrong Security Service Providers or Organisations, ending up with dogs and/or handlers that have not been trained in compliance with the minimum standards set by the Private Security Regulation Authority

    Construction Site Security

    Construction sites are an appealing target for vandalism, scrap merchants and opportunistic thieves. It is normal for many job sites to undergo some damage at quite a few stages of a task, usually time and again. We offer a high-quality construction site security solution. Our guard service is unparalleled and accommodates general perimeter patrols, incident reporting, emergency tactics and much more What creates the distinction between Derrick Kinder Group Security Services and other security companies is our particular aptitude in the construction industry as we provide independently customized procedures in light of the particular needs of our customers. The best construction site protection method starts long before the first security officer is positioned onsite. Building the correct foundation, based on the specified details and requirements of the site in question, is a prerequisite of an effective strategy deployment. Construction job sites present many difficulties in terms of the large quantity of materials and gear and the vast areas of space that must be secured. There are frequently numerous passage focuses to a job site, with laborer’s, contractors, and conveyance individuals going back and forth on a nonstop basis. Building materials and hardware streaming in and out can likewise create issues. Our construction site security guards are here to help you shield your site from undesirable guests, vandalism, and robbery -both inside and outside. As a security company with over 15 years of experience, we create and execute security plans that provide the most effective solutions for your job site needs. Devising a process to ensure the safety and protection of the construction site in completion is what we specialize in.

    Training and Development

    We continuously invest in training and development to ensure that we provide an exceptional and a professional service. All security personnel, as per the condition of their employment, must be fully trained and must abide by the regulations set out by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Our security staff are also trained to be able to relate well with our clients. Pre-employment personality tests, background checks are a pre-requisite to gaining employment with us.

    Security Technology Services

    In the modern world, criminals are getting smarter and smarter, and so our methods of preventing crime need to keep up with these offenders. This is why using the technological devices that we have at our disposal is so necessary. With the advent of CCTV cameras, many criminals were unable to commit crimes, or were caught in the act, and these cameras ensured that those who perpetrated crimes received their due punishment. Although CCTV cameras have been around for many years, we are now able to better manage them with wireless technology. In this way, Derrick Kinder Group Security can supply an extra level of security for your premises, whether it be for the mining, banking, residential, commercial, or industrial sectors.

    We also have a variety of other security technology devices that make use of all of our technological knowledge to ensure that people and property are kept as safe as possible at all times

    We provide the following solutions:
    The supply, installation and maintenance of various surveillance and security technology systems including:

  • CCTV Systems
  • Biometrics
  • Perimeter protection
  • Gate and door automation
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Electric Fencing
  • Access Control
  • Intercom Systems

    Pepper Spray Systems:
    The dispersing system is completely electronic with no moving parts, limit switches or electrical motors and have a low-level monitoring device.

    Real Time Patrol Monitoring
    The on-guard system will verify that the guard has patrolled each of his given points and provide an instant report. With a built-in speaker and microphone for cellular communication and listen in, guards may summon the supervisor with the push of a button. Stay Awake Alert Buzzer Guards sleeping on duty will be a thing of the past thanks to this stay- awake feature that turns itself on and off at specified and remotely adjustable times. It has an alert buzzer that keeps guards awake on duty. When the buzzer is activated, the guard must press the alert button to report he is awake.

    Cleaning Services offered
    A healthy,clean premise.Thats our promise. Our cleaning services range from daily office cleaning to window cleaning,carpet cleaning and mirrior repairs, initial deep cleaning and removal of rubbish. All staff are vetted.In accordance with our company policy,all cleaning staff are thoroughly vetted before being employed to ensure the highest levels of security before entering our clients premises.

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