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Specialized Guarding

Tired of vandalism and theft costing you time and money?  Former Investigator  quits the force and pioneers a unique HYBRID security solution combining investigative expertise, crime prevention and guarding strategies to help protect you, your assets and executive team.


Construction Site Security

We understand the importance of effective construction site security to safeguard your assests and team. Find out about our Premium Guarding Package which includes a K9 Unit and more…


Specialized Campus Security

We are proud to be vetted members of Camprosa, the regulatory body for campus security. Children are the future, we believe providing a safe campus is important for their academic success! How safe is your campus?

The kind of security solution that leaves you feeling, sure!

Welcome to Derrick Kinder Group Security Services.

About us

Derrick Kinder Guarding Group

We are a security services provider with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape and Bloemfontein. The company was established in 2002 by myself Derrick Kinder a former member of the South African Police. 

During my career as detective I investigated over 500 cases of rape, robbery and assault. The end result was an intense desire to beat criminals at their own game.

The specialist training I received equipped me with advanced security insights and strategies to implement high end security solutions to ensure greater safety for my clients.

We are a fully insured, PSIRA registered and Campus accredited organisation with a Level 1 BBEEE rating.

  • CK. 2002/011053/23
  • Psira Reg No.1052659

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I’ve come face to face with the brutal reality of crime and its perpetrators in our nation. If it wasn’t for the training I had, I may not have been alive today to share my story.

There were a number of important lessons I learned investigating and arresting some of SA’s most hardened criminals. Here’s the three most important points I’d like to share:

 #1. You and your business are being watched daily.

If you leave holes in your security and grow lax with security measures, someone will notice and will take advantage of that opportunity. That’s unfortunately a reality we have to deal with.

#2. Things aren’t going to get better in the near future.

One cannot afford to think, because you haven’t been exposed to crime recently that things are getting any better in general, they’re not! Thinking this can be a costly mistake. The best measures one can take is to be vigilant at all times. STAY ALERT!

#3. Learn to trust your instincts.

There are times when you know, something’s not right. Listen to that inner voice and take the necessary steps in safeguarding your family, business and self in the best way possible.

In our line of business we choose to behave as if there aren’t any second chances. With this mindset we avoid unwanted incidents before they occur and make decisions for optimum safety.

We view our function as a matter of life and death, and therefore don’t operate in half measures. We are that SERIOUS about our role in protecting your operation. We want you to feel sure, totally SURE! Sure that we are doing everything possible to safeguard your interests and to safeguard you.



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Our Services

Guarding Services

Armed & Unarmed Security

Campus Security

K9 Security Unit

Construction Site Security

TV & Film Set Security

Church Security

Electronic Solutions

ID Card Scanners

Bio-Metric Systems

Surveillance Cameras

Control Room

Electric Fence Installations

Voice Stress Analysis

Cleaning Services

Corporate Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Hospitality Industry Cleaning

*Cleaning services have become an essential part of the security strategies that we propose in order to minimise the number of persons with access to your building or job site. This way we also control the vetting and take on procedure to ensure optimum security.

Client Awareness Program (C.A.P)

The C.A.P initiative elevates the standard of our service through a proprietry client awareness building training. The selected guarding personal for a particular site are made extra aware of the nature of your business, its standards and requirements.

Our objective is to supply security personal that conduct their duties with a greater awareness in support of your corporate image and expectations.

This customised approach ensures:

• improved service delivery and effectiveness
• guarding personnel that add value and are assets to your operation
• a more engaged and alert guarding compliment

To Whom It May Concern

We have been using Derrick Kinder Group Security Services for the past 14 years. I am completely satisfied with their service and I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of security services. – Jonathan GimpelManaging Director

Special thanks!

Thanks to Derrick and his team of guys we can arrive on set and conduct our business with peace of mind knowing our vehicles are looked after and safe. Thank you to the entire team.

AFDA, Johannesburg

Has been using Derrick kinder Group Security Services for 13 years. Thanks to Derrick and his entire team for their service. I highly recommend his company to anyone in need of strong and reliable security partner. Rudolph CoetzerChief Operations Officer AFDA



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