Guarding Services

Guarding Services Are Our Core Security Solution

Without worry and stress

One of the worst things in life is to live in a constant state of fear.

How can one expect any individual or child to perform at their best, if they’re living in a constant state of doubt or fear.

There is biological and scientific evidence to show how bad this is for us.

With heightened levels of cortisol in ones system we experience a state of fight or flight, pure stress which depletes our systems reserves.

Ever thought how serious this is? Seriously speaking, how much would it mean to you, if you could carry on about your business without having to worry and stress about personal security?

This is what we’ve prepared for and specialised in for the last 20 years.

We don’t have the answer to all of life’s challenges, but we do know how to PROTECT people through our comprehensive GUARDING SERVICES.

  • You may have a business in a highly volatile area requiring armed or unarmed guards?
  • Your company may need protection for your employees, clients and their vehicles?
  • Children are the future, are you doing everything you can to protect them while learning?
  • Maybe you need to secure machinery and equipment on your contruction site?
  • Going to church is dangerous! Are you wondering, “how do I protect my congregation?”

Whatever your guarding needs might be, Derrick Kinder Group Security is equipped and prepared to design and implement the ideal security strategy for you and yours

Guarding Services

Armed & Unarmed Security

Corporate Guarding

Campus Security

K9 Security Unit

Construction Site Security

Film & TV Production Security

Special Events & Promotions

Guarding Services For Special Events & Promotions

We provide security for all types of events.
Risks are assessed and the South African Police Services and Metropolitan Police Department are informed ensure a successful and safe event.

Qualifications & Accreditation Required For Guarding Services

All security officers are PSIRA qualified and registered with the Security Officers Board. All armed guards are fully compliant with the latest Firearm Control Act.
We are also fully insured and compliant with South African employment regulations.
We are proud members of Camprosa, the security regulatory body for campuses.
We also maintain a strong working relationship with the South African Police, both assisting them wherever possible and them assisting us when needed.

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